The Perfect Property

  • Want To Build A House But Not Right Away? Get Ahead And Buy Your Property Now

    21 January 2016

    If you want to build your own house in the next few years but you don't have the money to do it right now, you can save a lot of money and enjoy advantages if you start looking at property right away. If you are able to find lots for sale and purchase just the property, you can start making progress towards building the house. A realtor can show you property in your area in your price range, and then you'll be able to start saving for the house you have always wanted.

  • Debunking Common Myths Renters Have About Mobile Homes

    20 January 2016

    If you are looking for a real estate rental option that is a little more affordable than a house, the idea of living in a mobile home rental will likely come up if you live in some areas. Even though mobile homes are an excellent alternative to traditional rental houses and abundantly available in a lot of places, there are some common myths about living in a mobile home that may get in the way of you ever seriously considering one as an option.

  • Non-Traditional Products That You Should Bring To A Property Clean Up

    19 January 2016

    Cleaning up properties after tenant move outs and evictions tends to mean that you need to do a deeper cleaning than for an ordinary apartment. When tenants leave a property, there is always the chance that they will leave items behind, including furniture. Some tenants will not clean as well after a move, due to being in such a hurry. There are also unusual items or circumstances that you can run into while cleaning.

  • Need Some Extra Cash? Two Reasons Why You Should Get Your Real Estate License

    18 January 2016

    If you have a full-time job and are looking for a way to bring in some extra cash on the side, there are a number of options available to you.  However, getting your real estate agent license may prove to be a godsend.  People will always need a place to stay, and if you are willing to study for and pass the real estate licensing examination, you can capitalize on this need.

  • Should You Hire A Property Manager?

    15 January 2016

    Investing in rental properties is a great side hustle to bring in extra dollars, but it can also be a full-time gig if you plan to expand from a single property to several. It's not as simple as just keeping tenants, though. There also many other tasks you must attend to, including maintenance, repairs, and collecting rent. This is where a property management company can help. The following can help you decide if it is time to hire a residential property manager for your rentals.

  • What To Do When Searching For A New Retail Space

    14 December 2015

    The success of a business is not always built on solid ground. In terms of small businesses, as much as 80% of them fail within the first two years. While there are a number of reasons that can lead to a demise, poor location is undoubtedly a factor. If you are looking for a new space for your retail business, there are two factors you want to remember. Stay By The Competition

  • Three Ways Online Property Auctions Benefit Buyers

    17 November 2015

    As technology changes, so do the way that you do everyday things. This has definitely proven to be true when it comes to buying and selling property. You can now buy, or even sell your property, without ever having to leave home, through online real estate auctions. The best part about online real estate auctions is that they benefit everyone who is involved. Here are three ways they benefit you as the buyer.