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Should You Buy A Home With An Open Floor Plan?

by Zachary Thompson

Open floor plans are becoming more and more common, especially in higher-end, luxury homes. This type of floor plan eliminates many of the walls that are traditionally placed between common areas like the living room, dining room and kitchen. While many people love open floor plans, they are not necessarily right for everyone. Explore the pros and cons of this type of floor plan to determine if it's right for you.

Pros of An Open Floor Plan

Less Wasted Space

Without walls between the rooms, there is more actual space for you to utilize. This might allow you to buy a home with less square footage than you'd need if you were to buy a closed floor plan. It also makes it possible to display more of your decorations and furniture.

More Time Spent Together

When all of the common rooms in your home are connected, you'll actually be "with" family members more often. If they're in the living room area and you're in the kitchen, you'll be able to see them and interact with them rather than feel isolated as you would in a home with a closed floor plan. This can be a real advantage if you're a parent who want to be able to supervise the kids while you get things done.

Easier Entertaining

When you entertain a lot of people in a home with a closed floor plan, people end up dividing into groups in various rooms. This makes it hard for people to mingle. With an open floor plan, on the other hand, everyone is in the same space. People will have an easier time finding those they want to talk with, and you can make announcements to the whole crowd without traveling from room to room.

Cons of An Open Floor Plan

You Can't Hide Messes

If you have a closed floor plan and one room is looking messy, you can shut the door and block it from the eyes of guests. This is not possible with an open floor plan. If part of the space is messy, anyone who enters your common area will see that mess.

No Privacy

Sometimes, it's nice to go curl up in the living room and have a little alone time while other family members are in the kitchen or dining room. With an open floor plan, you don't necessarily have the luxury of this privacy. You'll have to retreat to a bedroom if there are others in the common area and you want to be alone.

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