The Perfect Property

  • Four Special Considerations When Purchasing A Condo

    25 April 2016

    Purchasing a condo can be a fantastic investment -- especially if you aren't interested in the upkeep and maintenance that owning a home will require. Condos come with amenities such as pools and gyms, and are often far more affordable and centrally located. But there are some additional considerations when purchasing a condo over a home, and these considerations may not be immediately obvious when you're going through the process.

  • What To Look For In A Dog Friendly Home

    19 April 2016

    If your dogs are like family members, then chances are their comfort is nearly as important as your own when you are looking for a new home. Finding the perfect dog-friendly place to put down your roots may not be easy, but the search can be well worth it. The following are a few things to keep in mind as you view houses. Check out the flooring Carpet can be difficult to maintain if you are a pet-filled house.

  • The Apartment Model Strike: How Property Managers Can Avoid Move-In Problems

    15 April 2016

    As a property manager, it isn't uncommon to use model apartments to show prospective tenants when they arrive at your apartment community interested in renting an apartment. Unfortunately, model apartments can sometimes do more harm than good. This is because there is often misrepresentation with models and this can damage your overall "brand". To avoid the strike of the apartment model, here are three things that you can do to avoid problems at move-in:

  • 4 East Coast Beach Vacation Spots To Take Your Family This Summer

    13 April 2016

    If you're located on the East coast, and are looking to take your family on a beach vacation, and don't want to splurge and fly to the Caribbean or California, then consider one of these  locales. They are family friendly, have lots of summer rentals available, and are located up and down the eastern seaboard. There are northern locations, as well as southern locations, so you can find one you can drive to without too much hassle.

  • Want To Buy A Waterfront Property? Consider A Foreclosure

    7 April 2016

    Luxurious neighborhoods, great views, and being right next to water are a few qualities that make a home valuable. If you want to own a waterfront property, you can generally expect to pay a pretty penny. However, this is not a set-in-stone requirement, especially when you are willing to look at foreclosures. These normally scary opportunities can be the perfect chance to get a waterfront property and turn it into something that you love far more than you would if you were to purchase a turnkey home.

  • New Homeowners: A Few Often Overlooked Expenses You Need To Add To Your Budget

    7 April 2016

    If you are in the process of purchasing your first home, you need to make sure that you have a savings account set up specifically for all the extra expenses that are going to come up in the first year or so of living in your new home. For example: #1 New Locks One of the first things you need to do after you move into your new home is change the locks.

  • Follow These Tips So You Don't Bankrupt Yourself While Moving

    22 March 2016

    When you factor in all the costs of moving, which include security deposits or down payments, new furniture, time off of work and fuel, it can really add up and become quite expensive. Many often find themselves wondering how they're even going to be able to afford it now and in the long run. However, for some, they have to figure it out because moving is mandatory, such as for a new job.