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Debunking Common Myths Renters Have About Mobile Homes

by Zachary Thompson

If you are looking for a real estate rental option that is a little more affordable than a house, the idea of living in a mobile home rental will likely come up if you live in some areas. Even though mobile homes are an excellent alternative to traditional rental houses and abundantly available in a lot of places, there are some common myths about living in a mobile home that may get in the way of you ever seriously considering one as an option. Here are a few of the biggest myths about mobile homes and the real facts you should know when you are looking for a rental property. 

Myth: Mobile homes are more at risk of catching on fire than traditional houses. 

Fact: It is absolutely untrue that mobile homes are any more prone to a fire than any other house. These homes are basically built from the same components when it comes to electrical wiring and internal structures. One study by the Foremost Insurance Company actually showed that a traditional house is actually more prone to a fire than a mobile home, with 17 fires out of 1,000 stationary houses compared to only eight out of 1,000 mobile homes. Mobile homes are actually at a bit of an advantage during a fire because of the fact a response team would have easier access to the underside of the house to extinguish flames if necessary. 

Myth: Living in a mobile home will mean less energy efficiency and higher utility bills. 

Fact: Mobile homes are no longer thought to be barely-insulated metal structures that can't contain heat in the winter or cool air in the summer. In fact, most modern mobile homes are just as well insulated as any other house. In October of 1994, a new minimum energy conversion standard went into effect and all new mobile homes manufactured after were held to higher standards in construction to keep them as energy efficient as possible. 

Myth: Living in a mobile home comes along with a certain reputation. 

Fact: Years ago, people who lived in mobile homes may have been wrongly deemed with a certain negative reputation, but this is no longer the case. There are something like 20 million Americans who live in a mobile home. Moving into a mobile home rental is not something that will come along with a bad reputation because this is now more of a widely recognized form of traditional housing. For more information on mobile homes, talk to a professional like David McDonald Rentals.