The Perfect Property

Non-Traditional Products That You Should Bring To A Property Clean Up

by Zachary Thompson

Cleaning up properties after tenant move outs and evictions tends to mean that you need to do a deeper cleaning than for an ordinary apartment. When tenants leave a property, there is always the chance that they will leave items behind, including furniture. Some tenants will not clean as well after a move, due to being in such a hurry. There are also unusual items or circumstances that you can run into while cleaning. If you are in charge of property clean up after a big move, here are some non-traditional items that you want to have on hand to be properly prepared.

Non-emergency police phone numbers

In the cases of evictions especially, there may be tenants who attempt to come back to the property in order to retrieve something left behind, whether it be personal belongings or mail. Often there are rules for tenants, either evicted or moved out, from coming back on the property. If someone does show up on the property while you are performing your cleaning duties, you should call both the landlord and the non-emergency police phone number for that county. Both of these people should be contacted if someone is on the property in the event that a civil trespassing law is being broken or so the police can supervise any property disputes.

Pet food, water, and bowls

During the recession, it became an epidemic for people to leave pets behind. Sometimes indoor and outdoor pets may be abandoned during a move due to financial reasons or otherwise. When you enter properties, you may find a pet that has been left behind. Bringing along pet food, water, and bowls will help you to feed and water the animal while you await animal control. If possible, call the landlord to get the information from the previous tenant in order to report them for the abandonment.

Battery operated fans and heaters

When a property is not inhabited there is a chance that the electricity is turned off. If the electricity was in the tenant's name, it may be shut off if you are entering the property soon after they left. Depending on the season, you may be cleaning the home in an extreme temperature. To keep yourself and your cleaning crew comfortable, bring along a battery powered fan or heater depending on if it is summer or winter. This will provide you with a comfortable temperature during your home cleaning, even if you have to leave the doors open.