The Perfect Property

  • 3 Ways To Keep Residents Happy

    8 November 2016

    Your rental properties are only profitable if you are able to keep them occupied with paying renters. Unfortunately, some property owners spend more time focused on acquiring renters than retaining the existing ones. Without a solid resident retention rate, you could be losing money trying to attract new renters. To help you improve your resident retention, here are some things you can do.  Do Not Ignore Feedback Your best source for why residents are unwilling to live an extended period of time is your residents.

  • Selling A Home With Leased Solar Panels: What Are Your Options?

    1 November 2016

    Leasing solar panels is a good way to make your home more eco-friendly and generate some green energy without making such a huge up-front investment (as you would if you were to buy solar panels.) However, things can get a bit complicated if you decide to move and are considering selling the home with leased solar panels. You really can't just pop the panels off and take them with you… so what are your options?

  • 3 Important Questions To Ask Your Realtor When Looking At Homes For Sale

    28 October 2016

    When you are looking at different homes that are for sale with your realtor, it is important that you find out all that you can about the homes during this process. This article will discuss 3 important questions to ask your realtor when you are looking at homes for sale.  How Long Has This Home Been On The Market? One thing that is going to affect how much you pay for the home is going to be how long the home has been on the market.

  • Purchasing and Improving a Pond for Private Duck Hunting

    28 October 2016

    Duck hunting is an ancient sport that can still put a delicious meal on the table, and many property owners eventually grow tired of competing with other hunters at public lakes, ponds, and marshes. Buying a private pond in a secluded area can not only provide you with exclusive access to your own population of ducks but also allow you to control your hunting environment to increase your odds of success.

  • 3 Excellent Reasons To Look At Luxury Homes For Sale

    24 October 2016

    If you are looking at homes for sale, then you should definitely consider looking at some of the luxury homes that are currently on the market. This article will discuss 3 reasons why.  The Finish Work One of the first things that you notice about most homes is the finish work. Because luxury homes are so luxurious in every aspect, you are going to notice how beautiful all of the finish work looks.

  • Three Things You Can Do To Stage The Exterior Of Your Home To Impress Buyers

    17 October 2016

    If you are planning to sell your home in the near future, then you may have heard about the importance of good staging, or preparing your home to look its best when prospective buyers come calling. However, too often, home sellers spend time and money staging the interior of their homes without considering the impression they are giving buyers before they even walk through the door. A poorly staged home exterior can ruin a potential deal for sellers by providing a negative first impression.

  • 3 Financial Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Realtor To Sell Your Home

    10 October 2016

    If it is finally time to put your home on the market, it is important to be sure that you have chosen the right realtor. Since the sale of your home is likely to be one of the biggest financial transactions you will ever participate in, it is a good idea to avoid common financial mistakes made by  other homeowners when choosing the right professional to aid in the process. Therefore, the following information will be very helpful.