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  • Tips For Buying A House While Serving In The Military

    24 May 2019

    Serving in the military doesn't mean that you and your family have to live on base. Many active-duty members of the military opt to purchase a home when they move to a new place, and doing so can be a very wise investment. However, just because you have been given orders to move to a new destination, it doesn't mean that you should make hasty decisions about buying your next house.

  • 3 Compelling Reasons To Hire A Real Estate Agent When House-Shopping

    15 May 2019

    House-shopping is a fun process, but it can also be intimidating and stressful. You don't want to make any mistakes because this is quite a long-term investment. So that you don't, consider working with a real estate agent. They have the experience and skills to make this process easier in the following ways.  Ensure You Don't Overspend  Every home buyer has the fear of overpaying for a particular property. How do you know if you're truly getting a good deal or not?

  • What to Prepare for as You Look for a House Without Credit

    30 October 2017

    Most people have some type of credit history, but for those who have managed to stay out of the credit fray, that lack of history can be detrimental to attempts to get major financing -- or so it looks at first. The truth is that not having a credit history can be a big block, but it's not insurmountable if you take one of three options. Bear in mind that these options could take time.

  • What You Should Always Look For When Searching For A Home To Buy

    19 October 2017

    When you are ready to buy a home, you will want to make sure that you are moving forward with this in the best possible way. This way, you will be less likely to experience buyer's remorse. To ensure that you will end up with the best home possible, you will want to review the following suggestions. Always Ask About Previous Mold And Termite Damage While a home inspection is important for detecting any current mold or termite damage, you want to take it a step further and ask if there have ever been issues like those in the past.

  • Are You Selling Your Rental Property?

    17 October 2017

    Selling rental property differs from selling your own home. There are several considerations you must make, including your state's laws. If you are planning to sell a rental property, here is what you need to know: What Impact Could State Laws Have? When you want to sell a rental property, you must do more than getting an agent and listing the home. You must consider your local and state laws. Some states have laws in place that are designed to protect the tenants who are currently living in rental property.

  • Winning A Bidding War Without A Winning Bid

    10 October 2017

    In a property bidding war, many people automatically assume that the highest bidder gets the house, but this isn't entirely true. Even though a high bid will attract the attention of the seller, there are other things you need to do besides or in addition to increasing your bid to boost your chances of buying the property. Here are some of those things: Minimize IContingencies The more contingencies you have, the more the seller will view your bid with suspicion.

  • 3 Tips For A Successful Open House

    28 February 2017

    While an online listing can help let people know about your home, they won't be sold on it until they can see it in person. That's why hosting an open house can be helpful to get people that are on the fence to see the home in person, potentially pushing them toward making an offer if they see what they like. Here are some tips to make sure the open house will be a success.