The Perfect Property

5 Factors For Selecting The Best Possible Home For Your Family

by Zachary Thompson

Unlike shopping for a sweater or a new refrigerator that can be returned if needed, purchasing a home that fails to fit your family's needs can create lasting discontent or even unleash a host of serious financial issues. Since every family deserves to enjoy their home, it makes sense to choose one based on a set of criteria that will help you efficiently sort through the available homes for sale and make sure that the one you decide to purchase is the best possible choice for your family.

Factor One: Affordability

Purchasing a home that places financial strain on the family budget can turn any dream home into a disaster. Before looking at any homes for sale, speak candidly with your real estate agent about your family's income and expenses. Set a purchase price range that will ensure that the mortgage payment, home insurance premiums, taxes, utilities, and maintenance costs will be affordable on the income you are currently receiving. 

Factor Two: Space

Purchasing a home that is just big enough for your family's current needs is another way to experience housing distress later. Before deciding on the square footage and number of bedrooms and bathrooms you will need, consider both your current needs and those that your family will likely have a few years into the future. While it is possible to add on to existing homes, it is usually less expensive to purchase one that already satisfies your basic space requirements instead of paying for an extensive renovation.

Factor Three: Location

Location is an important part of the home buying criteria when buyers want to purchase a home they will truly enjoy living in. Not only should the home be located in a pleasant neighborhood, buyers should also insist that it be within a reasonable distance to their work, their children's schools, and any amenities they will want or need, such as grocery stores, recreational options, and health care. 

Factor Four: Convenience

A convenient home ends up being a happier home for most home buyers, so make sure that the structure fits your family's needs. For instance, if someone in the family has mobility issues, a single story home is usually a better choice than one that contains several sets of stairs. When viewing homes for sale, consider what type of floor plan will be most convenient for all your family members and eliminate any that may cause potential problems. 

Factor Five: Appeal

Lastly, remember that the home you purchase is a significant expense that often comes with years of mortgage payments, expenses, and upkeep. For this reason it is important that the home you eventually choose is one that makes you feel good when you enter it or one that can easily be altered to become very appealing to you and your family.