The Perfect Property

Your New Career As A Maintenance Technician

by Zachary Thompson

If you have extensive remodeling and repair skills and a solid education, you may want to pursue a career as a residential maintenance technician. This type of job may supply you with the freedom to work independently or with a small group of staff. You may also be able to land a job that features an impressive hiring package.

Maintenance Technicians

There are no set tasks that a maintenance technician may need to perform. The type of dwelling that a tech's services are needed at and the size of the structure may reflect upon the actual work duties that a technician may be assigned. For instance, a large apartment complex that features many rental units may necessitate that various plumbing and electrical repairs are made or that the grounds that a complex is situated on are maintained on a weekly basis.

The prerequisites for becoming a technician may include that an applicant is flexible and knowledgeable about using basic tools and power equipment. A maintenance technician may need to be on call on some occasions. This is especially true if a technician will be overseeing the care of a large piece of property that contains many housing units.

Listings That Offer A Hiring Package

Many job boards list real estate maintenance jobs. The listings may include details about a hiring package that is being offered for a particular position. A maintenance technician could potentially be supplied with free room or board, the acquisition of a company vehicle, and retirement and savings options. A job may even include a sign-on bonus. A sign-on bonus is a financial perk that can be beneficial to you if you have been currently out of work for a while.

Take your time looking at the prerequisites and job duties that each employer has posted online. Some employers may require a cover letter and resume to be handed in when applying for a position. Consider your current lifestyle. If you are in need of housing or if you do not have access to a dependable vehicle, you may want to pursue searching for maintenance technician jobs that offer an appealing new hire package.

You may have the possibility to live on the land where your job duties are going to be performed or to drive a company vehicle for your work duties and personal needs. These kinds of perks may make your new job very accommodating and rewarding for you. 

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