The Perfect Property

Recommendations To Help You Through The Apartment Search And Selection Process

by Zachary Thompson

The search for a new apartment comes with a number of factors to look at and to make sure you arrange your search and move timing appropriately. From size to price and location, it is important that you make the best apartment selection for your upcoming rental timeframe. The following can provide you with some helpful tips to guide you through the process of selecting an apartment to rent.

Know When to Search

As soon as you know you will need to move to a new apartment, it can be tempting to start your search. However, it is best to wait out the time and start searching one to two months before you move so you maximize your efforts. 

If you want to look at apartments earlier than one to two months to see what is out there and get an idea of what types of apartments may be available to choose from, you can take some time to view listings online. But don't spend too much time on this early search because it may not be the best use of your time. The reason for this is if you start searching too early, such as several months before you need to move, the inventory will be different between now and then and can change. Property managers usually know when an apartment will be vacant at least 30 days out based on their 30-day notice to vacate rule. Then, when you shop for an apartment rental, you can apply for a specific unit and get approved to move in over the next few weeks.

Consider Your Needs

When it comes to selecting the right apartment space, it can all come down to the size of the apartment and how many bedrooms and bathrooms you will need. Depending on how many members in your household, you might need more or fewer bedrooms. If you have children who can share a bedroom, you can look for a two bedroom, but if you have children who need their own bedrooms, you will need a three bedroom or larger space. 

Look at your own needs as well, considering if you need an extra bedroom for your home office or study. When you work from home, it is helpful to have a dedicated workspace where you can close the door for privacy and quiet. Or, you may need a second or third bedroom for a guest room if you plan to have visits come to stay with you regularly.

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