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Features You Might Want to Find in Senior Living Apartments

by Zachary Thompson

Are you in the market for an apartment for a senior? Maybe you need an apartment to live in, or you might have a senior friend or relative who needs one. In either case, you might want to search your area for the options available for senior living. As you search, you might want to look for an apartment that offers some of the following features commonly found with senior living apartments.

Lower Rent for Low-Income Individuals

While not every senior living apartment complex offers lower rent for the tenants, many do. If you need a place that offers low-income housing, you must look for that as you search for units. Many apartment complexes allow people to pay lower monthly rental amounts if they qualify for assistance. As a result, this is a great option for senior who live on fixed incomes. If you cannot afford to pay the normal rate for rent, you can look into this option.

Maintenance-Free Living

Almost all apartment complexes offer maintenance-free living, which is a perk of renting an apartment. When you rent the apartment, you have a landlord that cares for all the common areas in the building. The landlord is also responsible for fixing things when necessary and performing normal maintenance on the buildings. When you rent an apartment, you will not have to do any of the work. You will have to clean your unit, though, as you would with any apartment rental.


Another feature you can find with senior living is safety. Not only should the building offer safety measures, such as locked exterior doors and deadbolts on the apartment, but it might also have other features. For example, you might have a button in your apartment to call for help. Your apartment might also have safety features such as bars to hold onto in the bathroom.

Additional Amenities

Many senior apartment buildings offer additional amenities, too. For example, some might have services on-site for the tenants to use, such as salon services. They might also offer rides for the tenants when they need to go shopping, to the library, doctor appointments, or anywhere else they might need to go.

As you consider what you need in an apartment, you might want to talk to local real estate agents or property managers. They might offer some advice about finding the right place to live or have options available to consider.