The Perfect Property

4 Great Questions To Ask Before Renting A Home

by Zachary Thompson

As you start searching for the right home to rent, you might wonder what to look for in a property. You probably know the basics to look for, but do you know what types of questions to ask the landlord? If not, you might want to consider asking the following four questions when looking at houses for rent.

1. What Are All the Costs Involved With the Rental?

The first thing to ask is about the expenses with the home. While you will know the monthly rental amount, you might not know all the other costs involved with renting the home. Therefore, you should ask. Are there any other monthly payments you must make when living there? For example, is there a parking fee? Do you have to pay a homeowner's fee for the property? What utilities will be your responsibility as the tenant? How much is the security deposit for the rental property? When you ask these questions, you can learn more about the costs, which can help you determine if you can afford to rent the house.

2. What Is the Procedure for Repairs and Maintenance?

Next, it is always important to ask about the procedure required for getting the repairs and maintenance your rental property needs. Do you call the landlord for the repairs, or can you fill out a ticket online? How quickly will they address the concerns you have? Your lease might state these things, but it is still a good idea to talk to the landlord about them.

3. What Methods Do You Accept for Payments?

You might also want to inquire about the payment methods the landlord accepts. Do you have to mail a check, or can you drop off cash at the office? Is there an online way to pay the rent? Learning your options can help you determine the best way for you to pay your rent each month.

4. What Maintenance Do You Expect of the Tenant?

The final thing to ask when renting a house is about the maintenance that you must do. What does the landlord require of you? In many cases, tenants renting homes must handle all the yard work, but this varies.

These are four excellent questions to ask when renting any type of property, but especially when renting a house. If you would like to start viewing homes for rent, contact a local landlord today.