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Selling Your Home? Make Sure You Clean The Kitchen Exhaust Hood

by Zachary Thompson

When selling your home, you want everything to look perfect for potential home buyers. To do this, you have to clean your home from top to bottom. There may be some things you have forgotten to clean, however. If you are leaving your appliances behind, the kitchen exhaust hood may be one of these things. If so, below are some tips on getting the exhaust hood clean.

Clean the Exhaust Hood Filter

Bacteria and mold can build up inside a kitchen exhaust hood filter, which is not only unsanitary but can cause a kitchen fire.

You should clean the filter or replace it if it has not been replaced in some time. How often you should clean the filter depends on how you use your stove. For example, if you fry a lot of food, you should clean the filter approximately once a month.

To clean the filter, first remove it from the ventilation system or hood. If you do not know how to do this refer to the manual guide for your stove. Wash the filter in your sink filled with warm, soapy water. Use a soft brush to clean the filter. If the filter is very greasy you will likely have to clean it a few times to get all the grease and oil off.  Once you get the filter clean, look it over to make sure it is not rusted anywhere. Let it completely dry before you put it back in.

Clean the Hood

The next thing you need to clean is the hood.  In most cases, a kitchen hood is made of stainless steel. If so, purchase a cleaner that is made specifically to clean stainless steel.

You can also make your own cleaner if you prefer on e that is non-toxic. To do this all you need is some vinegar. Pour some vinegar into a bowl and drip a dry cloth into it. Wipe over the hood to remove grease or food that may be stuck on it. You may have to do this a few times to get everything off if it is very dirty. Make sure the cloth stays wet with the vinegar as you are using it.  

Because a dirty kitchen exhaust hood is a fire hazard, consider purchasing a fire extinguisher from Universal Fire Equipment to put in the kitchen. Let the potential home buyers know about this and that it will stay with your home.