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Why Being A Real Estate Agent First Will Make You A Better Real Estate Lawyer

by Zachary Thompson

Real estate lawyers have some very specific job responsibilities, the least of which is making sure their clients' rights are protected when the clients purchase property. However, real estate laws in almost every state differ, and therefore a real estate lawyer has to know something about the game of selling real estate. If you are considering transitioning from real estate agent into real estate law, you are actually making a better career choice than just diving into real estate law first. Here is why.

You Know All the Ins and Outs of Real Estate for Your State 

You have already been there, on the selling end, and you know everything there is to know about selling real estate. You may even have sat in on meetings with real estate lawyers as they explain purchase contracts and selling contracts to their clients. You have real estate experience that brings an extra level of understanding and compassion to the legal table, and you already know all you really need to know about real estate laws for your own state. The only things you lack are the legal education and the lawyer's degree.

You May Know of Some Legal Loopholes in Real Estate Law That The Lawyers Do Not

It is surprising what you can pick up when you work as a real estate agent for several years versus what a real estate lawyer fresh out of college knows. You could go into real estate law already knowing some legal loopholes that your classmates do not know. That gives you quite the advantage before you make this career transition and definitely gives you more leverage to persuade clients to hire you after you finish your degree.

You Can Spot Shady Real Estate Deals Faster

Real estate lawyers can spot shady real estate deals, but usually not until they have experienced enough of these deals to detect that something is a little "off." On the other hand, when you work as a real estate agent for a decade or more, these shady deals and scams quickly become very obvious, and you can advise your property owners and buyers that they should avoid these situations at all costs. Now, taking that experience into learning and practicing real estate law, you will be able to spot scams and shady deals even faster, not only because of the training and education you will get as a real estate lawyer, but also because you already have the skills and know-how to do this. It will definitely make you a valuable asset to your clients as well as any real estate agency that would like to hire you or retain your services as a professional consultant.