The Perfect Property

Common Mistakes That All First-Time House Renters Should Avoid

by Zachary Thompson

Renting a house for the first time is a big deal. In fact, if you're like many first-time renters, you probably have several different ideas for creating the perfect home. Unfortunately, if you aren't careful, you could end up signing a lease to rent a house that ends up being nothing like you envisioned. Take some time to learn about some of the common mistakes that first-time renters make so that you know how to avoid them.

Not Measuring the Rooms

Most people simply eyeball the amount of space a room has when they walk through a house for the first time. Sure, looking at the size of a room can give you a good idea of how your things would fit in a space, but if you're mistaken it could be a huge problem. After all, what are you going to do if you've almost gotten all of your furniture moved into your new house and discover your bed won't fit in your bedroom. So, before you fill out a rental application, take a few minutes to measure areas that will hold large pieces of furniture, as well as the height and width of the doorways to make sure you can get your furniture into your new house.

Not Noting Current Issues in the Contract

When you move out of a rental home, the landlord assesses the condition of the house to determine how much, if any of your deposit you'll receive back. Unfortunately, this means that any little thing that's wrong with the house can come out of your deposit. So, before you sign your lease, make sure you do a complete walk through of the house and list anything that is wrong with the home, even small things like chipped wall paint or scuff marks need to be noted. This way, your landlord can't blame you for the damage and deduct the amount from your deposit.

Not Getting Renters Insurance

Many first-time home renters don't fully understand the need for renters insurance. However, it's extremely important. Landlords maintain insurance policies that cover damage to the house, but these policies don't cover the cost of any items owned by the renter. So, in order to make sure your belongings are covered in the event of an accident, you should consider getting renters insurance.

Looking for houses for rent is exciting, but don't let your excitement cloud your good judgement. When you're looking for a house to rent, take the time to go over every detail of the lease and all areas of the house. This way, you know exactly what to expect when you move into your new home.