The Perfect Property

Looking To Buy A Home That Will Not Cost A Fortune In Replacing Things? Analyze The Right Features

by Zachary Thompson

House hunting is fun, but it is also an important process that you need to take seriously. Not doing so can lead to putting an offer on a property that may give you major problems down the line. An easy way for these costs to add up is in things that must be replaced as their condition deteriorates. So, you should take your time with analyzing the features that are costly and commonly replaced when you are looking to buy real estate.

Water Heater

One thing that you definitely need to have running in your home is a water heater. Without one, you will not get any warm water, unless you let a bucket of water sit out in the sun on a summer day. It is expected that you will have to replace your water heater after around 10 to 15 years. If you do not want to spend to have one replaced, you must prioritize homes with new water heaters.


Windows are capable of lasting 15 to 20 years. But, it greatly depends on the window type in the home because you may feel obligated to change them if they are extremely poor on energy efficiency. It is best to avoid homes with older windows to minimize the chance that you will need to replace them soon. However, you may also find homes without that many windows, in which this is only a minor issue.


The roof is not like a water heater or windows that have a fairly short life expectancy. Roofing can last anywhere from two decades to five decades or longer depending on the construction. It is important to get information such as the roof type and when the roof was installed. These are the key details that will help you buy a home with a roof that can provide proper shelter for years to come.


Although it is possible for a homeowner to take great care of their carpet, it will just not last that long. Most carpets are replaced around the 10-year mark if you expect to have clean flooring in the home. So, you have to prioritize properties without this feature, or look for new carpet rather than old. Another thing to consider is allergy symptoms as this may entice you to replace the floor with something other than carpeting.

Critically analyzing specific features on homes will keep you from buying a difficult and costly home.