The Perfect Property

Ready To Lease Your First Apartment? Look At These Important Details First

by Zachary Thompson

If you're a teenager or young adult looking to move into your own apartment for the first time, there are a few things you want to do before you commit to any type of lease. You want to make sure that the apartment complex you choose is the right choice for your current lifestyle, and that you can realistically afford the apartment.

There are a lot of details that go into leasing an apartment and as a first time apartment hunter, and you want to know what you get for the rent. Here are a few things to consider when you start to look for a space.

Utility Options and Expenses

Is cable, water, electricity or any other utility included in your rental fees? Are you only able to get one type of Internet provider in the space, which is a costly option that you may not want to pay for? Know what the utilities are going to cost, if you have to pay extra to have access to parking or trash removal, and what your total rent and utility amount will be at the end of the month.

Understand Your Payment Options

Ideally you never want to be late with your rent, but during a 12-month lease something may come up where you aren't able to make the payment in full, or you forget to drop off your rent check while the office is open. If you worry about this, then find an apartment rental complex that has a one-time grace period, or that can take the rent out of your checking account automatically. If you worry about paying it all at once, ask the management if you can make by-weekly payments as you adjust to having a rent payment.

What are the Amenities?

Does the apartment complex have security cameras or staff so you know you'll be safe if you get home late at night and have to walk to your building? Are you going to have access to a gym or a pool, which could allow you to drop a gym membership? Get a full list of the amenities so you know if the building is worth the rent that you'll pay.

Be sure to go through your finances so you know what you can afford each month before you commit to a lease. Your first apartment may not be your dream apartment, but getting something that is safe and that you can afford will be efficient, and you can work on building your credit history by making on time payments. For more information about apartment rentals, contact a real estate agent near you.