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4 Tips For Selling Undeveloped Rural Land

by Zachary Thompson

Did you inherit a large piece of rural land that you don't intend on using? If there is no sentimental attachment to the land, you might want to list it for sale so you can earn a profit. However, you should keep in mind that selling undeveloped land can be a difficult task if it isn't done the right way. Below, you will discover a few helpful tips that can make the process of selling your rural land a lot easier.

1. Seek Help from a Lot Clearing Company

Before selling your land, it is important to make sure that it is presentable. You don't want trash and junk lying around on the land. Hiring a lot clearing company is the fastest way to bring the land to a decent condition that will be appealing to potential buyers. Professionals will remove anything that you want gone, which will include getting rid of unwanted trees, bushes and other plants.

2. Determine if the Soil & Groundwater is Safe

It is important to keep in mind that undeveloped land can be used for various different things. If someone is interested in purchasing land for farming on, you must make sure that the soil and ground water is safe. Invest in hiring an environmental specialist to test your land for toxins, as he or she will also be able treat it.

3. Make Sure a Land Survey is Done

Selling rural land means that you must know where the boundaries lie in order to tell potential buyers what they will own. The way that the land is sloped will also be important to potential buyers, as it can have an impact on construction. A land surveyor will tell you about the boundaries and slope of the land.

4. Hire a Realtor to Assist with the Selling Process

You can hire a realtor to list your land in a multiple listing service (MLS), which is a database that other realtors and brokers can browse through when searching for land for their clients. A realtor can also help you set the land at a reasonable price based on the current market rates for similar pieces of land. A realtor can also show your land to potential buyers and give them a good idea of how they can use the land, depending on their needs. Contact a realtor or agency like Norchar to discuss your needs and get your undeveloped land sold in a timely manner.