The Perfect Property

Find The Ideal Fixer-Upper Home By Settling On 3 Specific Problem Areas

by Zachary Thompson

If you're interested in saving some money when looking at houses for sale due to a limited budget or the desire to have a lot of money left over for remodeling projects, a fixer-upper home may be the best option for your needs. Instead of rushing into buying just any fixer-upper home, it's best to know what projects are suitable for beginners. While you may not have the skills for major plumbing work or electrical projects, you should be able to handle the following three problem areas just fine with the wealth of how-to videos and books that can assist you.

Outdated Kitchen

Most people have their own set ideas over what they imagine the ideal kitchen to look like, making an outdated kitchen a great opportunity for getting the kitchen that you truly want. Instead of choosing a home with a finished kitchen that you only like somewhat, it's preferable to pick a kitchen that can be entirely gutted with new flooring, cabinets, and appliances. By knowing what kinds of changes you want to make in the kitchen and what layout will work best for your family, you can pick out an outdated kitchen that will provide the features you want.

Energy-Inefficient Bathroom

An older bathroom can make a big difference in the cost of your water bills each month, making it a smart idea to opt for an energy-efficient bathroom. This can be in the form of new bathroom appliances such as the toilet and sink, along with replacing the light bulbs. By making these changes in a bathroom that feels outdated with old fixtures, you can get a modern look that is more fitting for the time and will provide the benefit of lower utility costs.

Mismatched or Streaky Paint

One problem that is fairly common in both older and newer homes is paint that doesn't suit the home or simply looks badly done. If you step into a home and notice that the paint in different rooms clash together, there are easily visible strips on the paint, or poorly done corners and trim, you can feel good knowing that these are easy fixes. Setting aside a few days to prime and paint the walls will help ensure that you get the final look you want for painting and will help ensure that you can make the home feel like your own.

As you explore the improvements that can be made in a fixer-upper home, you'll quickly see just how much of a difference you can make—allowing you to still save money and get your dream home.