The Perfect Property

Four Spaces In A Home You Should Finish Before Selling

by Zachary Thompson

If you are hoping to get your home ready for selling, there might be some specific upgrades that can bring in more interest on your home. Work with your realtor to review areas within your home and on your property that could be upgraded. Anything that you can do to make a home seem more spacious and full of potential will lure in more buyers. Here are four areas in your home that you may want to consider remodeling before selling.

1. Backyard Sheds

If you have been using your shed for dusty garden tools, it is a good idea to remove everything and make your shed more habitable and inviting. If you can stage this space to look like a music studio or man cave, buyers looking for a little extra space will be intrigued. If you can bring in electricity from the home this can help, or at least install a glass-paned door or sunroof to let in light.

2. Yard and Deck

If your yard is more of a dumping ground for toys and sporting equipment, you might want to fix up this area of your home before selling. Either adding in a deck or a patio can extend living areas and can be staged for outdoor entertaining. This doesn't need to be an expensive project to take on. Interlocking wooden tiles and a large table with an umbrella can easily transform an outdoor space.

3. Attic

If you have been using an unfinished attic for storage, it might be worth it to turn this into a guest room or office. This might be more construction than other projects, but putting in lighting and drywall can transform attics into livable rooms. While it may not be considered an additional bedroom within your MLS listing, this can be discussed as an extra finished space, which will be appealing.

4. Basement

There are so many things that can be done to transform a basement space. The most important thing is getting this space fixed up for potential buyers to see. Do whatever you can to clear out this space, paint walls, and get some extra lighting installed. If you have the money to remodel this space into a rec room, this would be a great selling point. Otherwise, just getting your basement safe and bright so that potential buyers can see its potential is key.  

It is always a good idea to get your home as move-in ready as possible when selling. It is a good idea to ask your realtor to review your home as well and let you know areas to target. If you can focus on making all spaces into finished areas of your home, this can up your property value and bring in more offers.