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Tips For Harmonious Living Within A Homeowner's Association

by Zachary Thompson

If you're moving into a property that's regulated by a Homeowner's Association, also called an HOA, you may be wondering what the big deal is. These associations have developed a reputation for being difficult to deal with in some areas, which may leave you feeling apprehensive. Here are a few things that you should know about peacefully living in an area that falls under a Homeowner's Association's regulation.

Read And Understand The Rules

Some of the biggest problems that arise between homeowners and the HOA occur because the homeowner didn't follow the rules completely or didn't understand what the rules were. This problem can be averted if you read the rules and follow them. Remember that everyone within the neighborhood will be expected to abide by the same set of rules, so it is in your best interest to familiarize yourself with them right away. Not only does this save you from potentially embarrassing and costly mistakes, but it also helps you avoid hostile relationships with your neighbors, who may otherwise feel like you're disrespecting rules that they work hard to follow.

Get Proper Permits And Approvals

Any time you're going to do something that requires the approval of the HOA, make sure that you follow the application process precisely. Don't proceed with anything until you have that approval, and show your support for the rules and guidelines by encouraging others to do the same. This helps to show the HOA that you're supportive and cooperative. Any time you can avoid a hostile or combative relationship with the HOA, you'll find the area more welcoming and comfortable.

Introduce Yourself To Your Neighbors

Introducing yourself to your neighbors will help ensure that they know who you are. This reduces the risk of any questions arising about who is living in the home. Since most homeowner's associations prohibit rentals and subletting of HOA homes, you don't want to risk having a neighbor who doesn't know you report your home as a potential rental to the HOA.

Be Active In The Community

Attend the HOA meetings on a regular basis, and make an effort to get the meeting minutes for any that you cannot attend. This helps you to not only stay informed, but also to be an active participant in the decisions and events of the neighborhood. Express your opinions, discuss any potential issues and show your support for local events. Consider serving as a committee chair or taking part in the planning for some local events. The more you participate, the more the neighborhood can feel like a community. If you find that your HOA needs management, suggest a company like The Noble Company of South Carolina, LLC.