The Perfect Property

What To Look For In A Dog Friendly Home

by Zachary Thompson

If your dogs are like family members, then chances are their comfort is nearly as important as your own when you are looking for a new home. Finding the perfect dog-friendly place to put down your roots may not be easy, but the search can be well worth it. The following are a few things to keep in mind as you view houses.

Check out the flooring

Carpet can be difficult to maintain if you are a pet-filled house. Dogs can track in mud or have accidents, which lead to hard to clean stains. Even pet hair clean up can be more of a pain with carpet since vacuuming rarely gets up all of the dander. Hard floors are easier to clean with a wet mop and a dust mop. Opt for tile or hardwoods that can easily be refinished. Laminate can become badly scratched, while engineered hardwoods can be gouged too deeply for regular refinishing. At the very least, look for a home with hard flooring at the entrances so you can set up a puppy mud room.

Opt for a walk-in shower

If you do any of your own grooming, a walk-in shower can be a major boon. It is much easier to wash a dog—especially a big dog—in a walk-in. Walk-in showers are also easier for older dogs that may have trouble getting into a tub. Just make sure the bathroom is large enough for you to stand outside the stall and dry off the dog and tend to the brushing. 

Check out the yard

There are several things to consider when looking at the yard. First, make sure there are no hard to remove toxic plants in the landscaping. Next, check that the yards around you are relatively level to yours. A hill behind or next to your yard could make it easier for your dog to jump the fence unless you put in a really tall fence. That's another thing to look at—while you can easily add a suitable fence after you move in, it's still important to make sure there are no local building codes or HOA rules against the type of fence you will need for your dog. As final yard check, you may want to choose a property away from busy roads in case there is an escape, or find a home near a park so you have a nice place for walks.

Talk to a real estate agent to begin the search for the perfect home.