The Perfect Property

Want To Buy A Waterfront Property? Consider A Foreclosure

by Zachary Thompson

Luxurious neighborhoods, great views, and being right next to water are a few qualities that make a home valuable. If you want to own a waterfront property, you can generally expect to pay a pretty penny. However, this is not a set-in-stone requirement, especially when you are willing to look at foreclosures. These normally scary opportunities can be the perfect chance to get a waterfront property and turn it into something that you love far more than you would if you were to purchase a turnkey home.

Get a Great Location and View at an Excellent Price

When you have a waterfront property, it is only natural to understand that your view will be highly desirable. As a result, buying such a home will give you two very desirable qualities in location and view, not just to you, but to most individuals who are interested in becoming a homeowner. These qualities will make it a lot easier to sell the home, especially when you get a chance to fix up the property as a whole.

By opting for a foreclosure, you will likely have money left over to start working on projects.

Put in Windows and Doors That Fit Your Desires

An incredible view of the water is only as good as the viewpoints that your home provides. Having just a few small windows that face the waterfront portion of your property will not do the location justice. However, with a foreclosure you can feel confident in changing the doors and windows to get better views.  French patio doors and floor to ceiling windows are great additions for such a property.

Add a Room or Another Story to the Home

Even if the foreclosed home does not meet your initial needs, such as four or five bedrooms, you can always add another bedroom once you own the home. If you are up for doing the work on your own, it is possible to create a new bedroom for as little as $3,750 to $7,500. As long as you are willing to do some work, you can save a great deal of money and get a new bedroom at an affordable price.

To make a strong improvement to your home, you can add another story. It is a costly remodel, but it can provide your home with an entirely new set of views that can drastically increase the home's appeal.

If you want a home on the water with great customization opportunities, a foreclosure is the way to go. Contact a real estate company like Central Tile & Escrow, Inc. for help shopping for the perfect home.