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Divorce And Sale Of The Marital Home

by Zachary Thompson

During a divorce, tensions run high. Even the littlest issues can become huge problems for a couple that is terminating their relationship. However, when there is a home or other real estate involved, the stakes are higher. Emotions can run high, and color decisions on the sale of the marital home. The judge in your divorce hearing may order your home to be sold and any equity split between you and your former spouse. Your attorneys may work out an agreement where one spouse assumes all debt associated with the house and can stay in the home. Many couples decide to dispose of the marital home through a sale, due to the expense and the emotional ties associated with the home. If you are dealing with this issue, you need to find a competent real estate agent to assist you immediately.

Sales Process

Obviously, your real estate agent can help you with the process of selling your marital home and splitting any equity after the sale. Your agent will have your best interests in mind, and will work hard to get you the highest selling price possible. Many agents have dealt with this scenario before, and will do a great job of keeping emotions on an even keel. Your agent will also keep your expectations in check. Many couples will allow emotions to color decisions on asking prices and incoming offers. Your realtor will give clear-headed and unbiased advice to keep you from losing a potential buyer.


Some divorces are so contentious, the divorcing spouses don't want to communicate with each other. Some spouses are so fueled with anger and bad feelings that they can't effectively communicate; any conversation ends up in a heated argument. Your real estate agent will act as a go-between for you and your former partner in the event that communication between the two of you is unproductive. Your agent can gather your wishes and requirements and work with your former spouse to come to an amicable solution and get your house listed on the market. Your agent will also help you when it is time to consider offers. Finally, your realtor can also work with your divorce attorneys to ensure the sale is handled in accordance with your divorce agreement.

Selling your marital home during the divorce process or after you are no longer married can be difficult. However, an experienced realtor can help you sell your marital home and buy another home to start your new life.