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Weekend Projects That Will Up The Resale Value Of Your Home

by Zachary Thompson

If you are planning on selling your home but don't have much time or money to spend on upgrades, there are still some projects that will update the look of your home. If you can spend a little time on minor upgrades, these can make your home look better overall and might up the resale value of your home. Here are four weekend DIY projects that you should tackle before selling your home.

1. Landscaping Upgrades

Really take a look at your front and backyard, and try to do the most clean up and updating that you can. This might simply be clearing brush and sweeping down walkways. For your front entrance, some new hanging plants or flowers can make your home more inviting and look well maintained. Bringing in fresh sod for your front yard can transform the look of your home.

2. Light Fixtures, New Knobs and Pulls

Small updates around your home can modernize the overall look. Starting with new cabinet knobs and pulls in the bathrooms and kitchen can give a fresh look to these areas. Light fixtures can be updated as well, especially if the fixtures are outdated. You can pick modern designs throughout your home for a uniform look.

3. A Big Clean

Never underestimate a good scrub of your home. If you don't want to pay for professional cleaners, it is a good idea to get in there and clean every inch of your home. Scrub down walls, focus on corners, and get grout and countertops sparkling. If you are going to clean your carpets yourself, make sure your vacuum attachment for cleaning edges works well to make carpets appear as clean as possible.

4. Take Off Shower Doors

If you have sliding shower doors, this look can bring a dated feel to your home. This can close off space in your bathroom and make your bathroom look smaller. If you can remove these glass or plastic rolling doors and keep the tiling underneath intact, you can add a shower curtain to make your bathroom look more modern. Make sure to get all of the caulking or sealant up off of tiles and off the edge of the tub.

Not all home upgrades need to cost a ton of money or take up a lot of time. If you can focus on a few strategic areas of your home, this will make your house look updated and won't break your budget. Take suggestions from your realtor and make sure to put a little TLC into your home before putting this on the market in order to bring in the most offers.

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