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Top Reasons To Buy A Pre-Built Log Cabin Vs. A Log Cabin Kit

by Zachary Thompson

You might love the look and traditional style of a log cabin, so you could be thinking about buying one for you and your family to live in. You can purchase a log cabin kit and then have it built on a lot, or you can purchase a pre-built log cabin that is already standing. Although there are benefits to both ways of purchasing a log cabin, you might find that buying a pre-built log cabin makes the most sense for the following reasons.

It Should Come With a Lot

If you purchase a log cabin kit, you're going to need to find a lot to build on. In some places, it can be difficult to find available plots of land that are suitable for building a log cabin. Additionally, land can sometimes be expensive. If you purchase a log cabin that is already built on a nice lot, it can make things easier. Plus, the lot might have mature landscaping, so you can start enjoying it right away without worrying about having to plant grass and handle other landscaping tasks. You may even be able to find a pre-built log cabin on a lot near the water or that has other amenities.

You Can Move in Right Away

Having a log cabin built from a kit can take quite some time. This is especially true if it's a bigger log cabin with a more complex design. You might be hoping that you can move into your new-to-you log cabin as soon as possible, and you can speed things along if you purchase a pre-built log cabin. Just be aware that you will need to be ready for the process of getting a mortgage and going through the closing process. Still, this probably won't take as long as it would take to have a cabin built from the ground up with a kit.

It Might Not Be as Expensive

A log cabin kit can be quite appealing money-wise, since the kits are often pretty affordable. However, the cost of the kit isn't the only thing you'll have to pay when building a log cabin. The kit should come with the exterior elements that are needed to build the shell of the cabin. However, you will typically need to pay separately to install plumbing and electrical. You'll also have to pay for all of the finishes inside, and you might need to pay someone to build everything from the kit, too. This could actually prove to be more expensive in the long run than buying a pre-built log cabin where no work has to be done.

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