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4 Reasons To Prioritize Ground Floor Units While Apartment Hunting

by Zachary Thompson

Before apartment hunting, you will find it helpful to know what to look for and what to prioritize to narrow down the search. While some people may prioritize upper-floor units because they want great views, you can enjoy several key benefits with ground-floor units.

Understanding the reasons to prioritize ground-floor apartments will help you decide whether to narrow your search down to ones with this quality.


A key benefit of a low-floor unit is the inside temperature. For instance, an upper-floor or a top-floor unit will have heat rising from the apartments underneath. This can make these units feel warmer than the others below without any other factors involved. You will appreciate living in a ground-floor apartment when you like your living space to feel cool or even chilly.


Moving out of a unit on the ground floor is often the easiest kind of apartment to move from. A unit above the first floor will require you to either take an elevator or stairs. Even an elevator means you must walk down a hallway once or twice to reach your apartment's front door.

Some ground-floor units have outside entrances for quick and easy access. Also, since you will not need stairs, you will find it easier to move large furniture, decorations, and electronics. This can make the difference between moving on your own or hiring professional movers for help.


When you live on an upper floor, you will likely need to consider the neighbors below when making noise. For instance, you want to avoid running around or making excessive noise late into the night to avoid disturbing your neighbors. A huge advantage of living on the ground floor is that your neighbors will not be able to feel vibrations while you walk or run around.

This makes it so that you can dance, exercise, or run around the house in the middle of the night without disturbing neighbors since you are on the bottom floor.


Moving into a community that allows dogs makes it worth considering a ground floor unit because of easier and more enjoyable dog ownership. For instance, you might not always want to go down several flights of stairs to take your dog outside for a potty break. This makes living on the bottom floor advantageous because you can take your dog outside so easily.

Prioritize ground floor units when you go apartment hunting to enjoy these benefits after moving in.

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