The Perfect Property

How To Make Your Commercial Business Center Stand Out Above The Rest

by Zachary Thompson

When it comes to being the prime business hub in the area, appearance and location are key. If you have office or business meeting space that you want to rent out, it's important that you stand out above your competitors. Bringing in the right businesses who can also help you succeed is important.

Here is how to make your business center and rental space more attractive to potential business tenants.

Provide Curb Appeal Inside and Out

One of the first things a potential tenant sees is the appearance of the outside of your property. Making sure everything is in tip-top shape will help pique interest and draw attention to the property. A well-manicured lawn with attractive landscaping is a great starting point.

Don't forget the exterior of the building. Hiring a commercial window cleaner will ensure windows are clean and clear. 

Inside the building, a fresh business center space is key. It's important to update outdated rooms, carpeting, paint, and décor. Office space inside the business center should be modern with clean lines and plenty of extra room. Business owners look for a fresh space that is move-in ready. Tenants don't want to spend a lot of time preparing their office building unit for clients or a big event. They want move-in-ready spaces. 

Offer Competitive Pricing

What you charge businesses to rent out your space can make or break a lease contract. Do some research on your competitors. What do they have to offer? What is their base rate? This will help you establish a price point that is attractive to a potential tenant, while still allowing you to make a decent profit. 

If you have a lot of extra amenities like a modern business center, round-the-clock security, prebuilt office units, and expansive parking areas, include this in your commercial real estate listing. This helps to properly align your rates with your rental space.

Find The Right Realtor

When it comes to getting all the details and legalities in order for your rental listing, a realtor plays an important role. They will closely analyze the specs of the listing unit and the entire property itself. From there, they will come up with a feasible number for the rental listing.

A realtor will draw up contracts that cover all the perks of the property and any legal terms that need to be added to ensure a smooth leasing process. Realtors can also be in charge of interviewing potential tenants and generating credit and background checks. This alleviates a lot of stress and time. If there is price negotiation involved, a realtor works to bring you the best results possible and close the deal on the lease.

Making your property stand out amongst competitors is simple. With some curb appeal and a little help from the pros, your building and business space will quickly become one of the most sought-after for miles around.