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Duplex Or Apartment? What Is Right For You?

by Zachary Thompson

A duplex is a two-family dwelling while apartments are complexes that have multiple units in them. The size of apartments and duplexes vary depending on how many units are in the buildings and how many bedrooms the units have. You can live in either duplexes or apartments with ease, but if you are wanting to choose one over the other, here's a guide to help you make the decisions you need.

Your real estate agent can help you find a place to rent within your budget, especially if the market is limited or you're on a specific budget. Which is best for you when it comes to apartment or duplex dwelling? Here, you'll learn more.

How many neighbors do you want?

Living in apartments will give you more neighbors while living in a duplex will give you one. Apartments in many ways can give you more anonymity since there are always people coming and going out of units, whereas if you choose a duplex, you may become relatively familiar with the one neighbor you share a building and yard with. For many, apartments for rent are the way to go, but for others, the privacy of a duplex is ideal.

How many amenities do you want?

A duplex won't likely get you many amenities beyond a yard to halfway claim and perhaps a more single-family home feel. This is great for some people who have their own washer and dryer units or those who don't desire amenities like on-site parks and walking paths. Apartments, however, often feature amenities you won't find in other types of rentals so if you want access to a community center and other amenities, then apartments may work out best for you. 

How much do you want to pay?

Your budget determines if living in a duplex or an apartment is right for you. A duplex may be more expensive because these spaces are often larger and have more of a private feel. However, for the pricier dwelling, you may have to live in a more remote area rather than in the middle of town, which is where apartments usually are. If budget isn't a major issue but where you want to live is, you may have better luck getting an apartment instead of a duplex to live in.

Look at both apartments and duplexes in your area. You'll be able to find the unit that works best for you and your budget if you shop wisely.