The Perfect Property

Recommendations To Help You Succeed In Your First Apartment Rental

by Zachary Thompson

Looking for a new apartment to rent for your first place is an exciting time where you get to be independent and start your own life on your own. Choosing the right apartment with a good location, amenities, and budget is essential to make sure you have a successful experience. The following is some tips and information to use as you search for your first apartment home to rent.

Know Your Budget

When you move out on your own, it is a good idea to have a clear understanding of how much you can really afford in a place. Look at your income to get an estimate that will still give you a budget for your other financial responsibilities. It is a general rule of thumb that you shouldn't spend over thirty percent of your income on rent. So, if this means you cannot afford it on your own income, you should look at getting a roommate.

A roommate situation can set you up with a realistic financial budget and help you save for the future as well. Then, as your income increases with job changes and promotions, you can move up to your own apartment later on. But it shows great responsibility to stay within your financial means and budget with your apartment home costs.

Evaluate Your Furniture

When you get out on your own, you are going to need furniture for your apartment along with some essentials. You may already have a bed and other bedroom furniture but also look at acquiring a couch, a dining room table, and kitchen tools.

You can find a lot of kitchen essentials that you will need at places such as Goodwill or garage sales in your area. Or, you might consider renting an apartment that includes some basic furnishings. For a cost that is a bit more than what you would pay, you can get a furnished apartment that is set up with all the basic furniture, and this may include decor and linens. But, if you choose to rent with a roommate, you might find that your roommate already has a number of the needed items for your apartment. 

Prepare Your Information

When you find an apartment that you want to rent, have your financial information and personal details prepared so you can apply for tenancy. Collect your pay stubs from the past couple of months and also personal references, which your landlord may require on your application. You should plan to have a rental deposit and enough for your first month's rent.

Be sure you know what your credit looks like or if you have credit, which can be helpful to qualify for the apartment on your own. Otherwise, you may need a cosigner or an additional deposit of the last month's rent in some situations. If you need help finding an apartment rental, talk to a real estate agent.