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2 Tips On Buying A Suitable Home For Someone With A Physical Disability

by Zachary Thompson

Living with someone who has a physical disability can present challenges at home. Buying a house allows you to invest in changes and features to accommodate disabilities. Finding a place with these features and qualities already will help you move in right away with confidence.


Getting around a single-family home is something you should make sure your physically disabled family member can handle on their own. Analyzing home listings and their level of accessibility inside and outside will help you narrow down the list of suitable properties.

Single Story

Installing a stairlift is an excellent way to help a disabled person get upstairs or downstairs. However, a one-story home will not have a basement or second floor that needs stairs. Demanding this quality allows your family member to reach every room without complications.


Both walkers and wheelchairs can take up a lot of space along a walkway. Fitting through the doorways is often the toughest part because rooms are large enough to support these devices.

To find homes with wide enough doorways, you should measure the width of the mobile devices that your family member uses. Then, after you find a property you like, you can contact the real estate professional to ask about the width of all the doorways around the house.

If you find a house that your family loves and the doorways are not wide enough, you can switch over to a narrow walker and wheelchair to fit through comfortably.


A physically challenged person may have trouble using the bathtub, shower, and sink in a bathroom. A frameless shower door is worth prioritizing because the lack of a bottom track will allow your family member to use a walker, wheelchair, or crutches to get inside. Finding a walk-in shower with a built-in seat is also helpful for giving them a place to sit while showering.


Typical exercises and workouts with a physical disability may not be an option. If your family member can swim independently, you should prioritize a house with a backyard pool. Exercising and staying fit while physically challenged can improve their quality of life greatly.

If stepping into the pool is not a viable option, you should demand a pool with multiple entry ladders that your family can use to get in comfortably.

Even when dealing with a physical disability, you can provide your entire family with high-quality living with specific house hunting demands.

To learn more about homes for sale, reach out to a real estate company near you.