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Want To Own Lots Of Pets? 3 Things To Demand While House Shopping

by Zachary Thompson

While renting an apartment or house, you may know that you are limited with how many pets you can own. However, purchasing a suitable single-family home can make it possible to own a lot of pets while also being able to provide all of them with a safe and happy home. Making particular demands when you go house shopping will help you own lots of pets comfortably.


Getting a multistory home is worth considering as it will provide you with a considerable amount of flexibility with separating pets. For instance, you can make it so that your dogs live exclusively on the first floor, where they have quick and easy access to the backyard. Then, you can own multiple cats who can go upstairs whenever they are interested in privacy away from the dogs.

While a second story is quite beneficial for this reason, you cannot go wrong with a basement when you do not need to use all the space for other purposes. Whether you get an unfinished or finished basement, you can transform part of the space or the entire basement into a pet area.


The flooring that you pick for your home is important because you may want to avoid carpet since it can get dirty, stained, and odor-filled quite easily. When owning so many pets, you should expect vomiting and bathroom accidents to happen on occasion. This means that owning a house with carpeted floors makes the overall maintenance and cleaning quite a bit more demanding.

For instance, you might notice cat urine soaking into the carpet pad underneath the litter box, which would require professional deodorization to get rid of the smell. This is the kind of issue that you can keep from happening when you get hardwood, tile, laminate, or vinyl flooring inside the house.


If you want to feel confident about your pets going into the backyard and not being able to leave, you must demand a backyard fence. While any fence will help with protection, you will likely have the greatest success with a tall fence that makes it hard for cats and dogs to jump over. An ideal outcome is getting a fence with coyote rollers as this makes jumping over extra challenging.

When you put a lot of time and effort into analyzing these features while shopping for a house, you can look forward to happy homeownership with lots of pets.

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