The Perfect Property

Should You Purchase A Townhome?

by Zachary Thompson

Were you looking into purchasing a single family home, but now you've found some townhouses for sale that you are in love with? If so, you may be wondering if you should switch up your original plan and buy a townhome instead. Here are some reasons for and against purchasing a townhome.

Shared Amenities

One of the nice things about living in a town home is that it is a shared community, so there will likely be amenities that you have access to that you would not normally be able to afford on your own. You may have a central area for the townhome community that has access to exercise equipment, laundry facilities, a pool, or things of that nature. Of course, your monthly dues will go towards these features.

Reduced Maintenance

Your dues also go towards paying for maintenance that is necessary for the outside of the building. If it is time for the units to get new windows, a new roof, or tuckpointing, the cost is shared by the community rather than just a single homeowner. This can make repairs more affordable since they are divided equally. 

Shared Walls

While the walls between units in a town home are often pretty thick and well insulated, it is possible that you will hear noise from your neighbors. Some people don't like this, while others don't mind. It really depends on who your neighbors are and what kind of lifestyle you live. If you are the type of person that likes to host loud parties, then maybe a townhome isn't the right kind of home for you. 

Limited Yard

A townhome is typically a very thin piece of property that has several floors, meaning that the land behind and in front of your townhome is often very small. This can leave you feeling limited with a very small yard, or relieved that you do not have to maintain a large yard without much grass to cut or gardens to tend to. 

Limited Remodeling

You are free to remodel your townhome when it comes to what is inside the walls. However, you are limited to what you can do to the outside. There is a desire to keep the community looking unified, so you may not be able to change up the color of your home or make major modifications. Any big changes will need to be cleared with the homeowners association of the community to ensure that everyone's real estate values remain high.