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3 Tips For A Successful Open House

by Zachary Thompson

While an online listing can help let people know about your home, they won't be sold on it until they can see it in person. That's why hosting an open house can be helpful to get people that are on the fence to see the home in person, potentially pushing them toward making an offer if they see what they like. Here are some tips to make sure the open house will be a success.

Make Sure It Smells Nice

A classic tip for an open house is to bake some cookies before people arrive, since it puts a pleasant aroma in the air that can be appealing. This is a great way to make your home smell pleasant to those that stop by. Don't try to mask unpleasant odors with things like air fresheners, because it can be clear that you're trying to hide something, such as a mildew smell. Instead, get to the bottom of problem smells before the open house.

If you have pets, you'll want to take the time to deodorize the home before an open house. It's possible that there are buyers that are not fond of pets, and a pet odor can be off-putting to them.

Don't Hover Around Buyers

An open house is an opportunity for people to explore your house and discuss it with their partner. If you have people assisting with the open house that are hovering around potential buyers, they may not feel comfortable viewing the house and leave early. People want some privacy to discuss the home candidly, and look in closets without someone thinking that they are being snoopy.

Your realtor should be open to answering questions in a common area, such as the living room. Check in with buyers occasionally, but don't follow them around during their viewing.

Declutter Your Space

You may be living in your home at the time of the open house, but you don't want it to give off the impression that you are lacking proper storage. Since you're moving soon, take the time to declutter your home so that you don't have stray items out in the open. This will make it look like the home has plenty of room to grow, rather than assuming you are looking to move because you've outgrown your current home.

For more tips that will help make a successful open house, be sure to ask your real estate agent. Look at house listings, such as at, for more ideas.