The Perfect Property

Squashing The Biggest Assumptions About Utilizing A Real Estate Agent's Services To Sell Your Home

by Zachary Thompson

It is no big secret that if you want to sell your home quickly, working with a real estate agent is likely the best route to take. Even still, there are a lot of homeowners hesitant to contract these professionals for help when they decide to sell their home. Check out these common assumptions about real estate agents that can get in the way and the facts you definitely need to know if you plan to sell your home. 

Assumption: There is nothing a real estate agent can do that you cannot as the homeowner.

Fact: You may think that you can handle listing your home for sale, doing all of the advertising and marketing, and even handling home showings. However, as someone who does not work in real estate, it is easy to make blunders, forget important things, and make costly mistakes. You are much more likely to see the selling process go smoothly and get a good price for your property by working with an agent. 

Assumption: Real estate agents always want to jack up the listing price so they can get a bigger profit.

Fact: The real estate agent will use a lot of different factors to determine the list price for the home. A few factors that can affect the price include:

  • fair market value
  • pricing of local properties in the same vicinity of similar size
  • market demand from consumers for your particular type of home

In general, real estate agents make a sales commission when your home sells that is figured at a certain agreed-upon percentage when the service is initially started. The wealth of knowledge and insight into the real estate market gives the agent the ability to determine a fair price that would, most likely, get you a nice return. It has little to do with how much profit they will make personally. 

Assumption: When you work with an agent, you have less control over the home-selling process. 

Fact: Some homeowners assume that when they hire a real estate company to help them sell their home, they relinquish a lot of the control over the process, but this is not true. The real estate agent has no control over the sale of the home that you do not allow. You are the person who clears all decisions before any action is taken in the selling process. The real estate agent makes recommendations about how to get your home sold, but in the end, it is your choice as to what is allowable and needs to be done.