The Perfect Property

4 Tips For Buying A Home In California

by Zachary Thompson

Are you buying your first home in California? Is this going to be the first home you have ever purchased? You may be surprised at just how much you have to do before you sign those papers to purchase real estate. While some of these steps may not be absolutely required by law, it is important to consider each tip before you make a decision.

1. Get Pre-Qualified Before You Shop

Loans can be difficult, but looking for a home does not mean you gallop into it at full speed. You can get in touch with lenders, including banks and credit unions, for help with the pre-qualification process. Seeing what you qualify for can save you heartache and stress later on. 

2. Talk to Lenders about Bad Credit

Not sure what to do about your current credit score? You may actually benefit from having a conversation with your lender rather than scooting it under the rug. Plus, your lender can also provide you with tips on how to raise your credit score as quickly as possible.

3. You Need a Down Payment

You absolutely cannot purchase a home without expecting to put something down. Of course, the amount you are expected to pay will differ based on the type of loan you get. Additionally, you may be able to seek payment assistance in order to put down the payment you need.

4. Don't Forget Closing Costs

Closing costs are often overlooked by buyers, but it is certainly not something you should forget to check out. Ask your agent about these closing costs so you know exactly what to expect.

4. You Need a Real Estate Agent

Without a real estate agent, you may find yourself facing a number of hurdles. It is difficult to go through the work of attending open houses and combing through the legal language of contracts. You need somebody to represent you in the process. Agent can even look at homes ahead of time to ensure that you have no problem finding something you enjoy.

Ultimately, shopping for a home is a stressful project. It is time-consuming and can be confusing if you have no idea what is going on. It is essential that you focus on finding a home that speaks to your needs rather than rushing into a purchase simply because you are expected to find a house. Real estate agents are there to protect your rights.