The Perfect Property

3 Things To Remember When Buying A House

by Zachary Thompson

Buying a new home is like a rite of passage in a lot of different ways. The home purchase marks a financial step, since you're purchasing a large asset that you own and can use as an investment. On a personal level, owning a home allows you to truly set roots in an area and raise a family. Since this is a decision that has so many different factors at play, you need to consider a few important variables during the process of deciding which house is perfect. Consider these variables below and apply them so that the process runs smoothly. 

#1: Negotiate And Add Fixtures Prior To Finalizing The Purchase

 One of the best things you can do for yourself during a home purchase is to see what dream items you can add prior to signing on the dotted line. Sure, you can always add something after finalizing the purchase, but life in time gets in the way and before you know it, that added element may never happen. Many homeowners will gladly add something to the home to sweeten the pot and entice you to make a purchase. For instance, adding an outdoor deck increases your ability to entertain company and adds equity to the home. You can get a beautiful wood deck installed for approximately $15 per square foot. This might be added to the home sale price, or you can have the seller pay for it, so be prepared to negotiate.

#2: Pay Careful Attention To Appliances And Interior Elements

 While the exterior structure is important, focus on the interior, as these things will largely affect your quality of life. For instance, if a home has old, outdated appliances, it can be frustrating to cook or spend time inside. Brand new, eco-friendly appliances will help you save money on your utility bills and will make things like washing clothes and dishes and storing food a pleasure. Likewise, granite countertops can truly add elegance to a kitchen or bathroom. If the house you are looking to purchase does not have these items, or other items you would like, either keep looking or negotiate to have them included.

#3: Get The Home Professionally Inspected

 The true test of your home comes when you get it inspected by a third-party contractor. Hiring your own home inspector will give you an unbiased look at any liabilities with the home and will ensure that it is in tiptop shape. This is a necessity prior to signing any sort of contract or paying a down payment. You can get a home inspection for roughly $267-$371.

 Consider these tips so that you can wisely make the right home purchase.