The Perfect Property

How To Get A Luxurious Apartment You Can Afford

by Zachary Thompson

Who says luxury has to be expensive? If you have always wanted to live more glamorously but you don't have an income that allows you to splurge, a luxury apartment can seem like nothing more than a dream. But you don't have to kiss having a bellhop, access to private amenities, and a spacious, beautiful loft goodbye; you just have to be creative about your apartment hunting experience. Here are ways you can get a luxury apartment you can afford.

Go small

If you are single, opt for a studio or single bedroom apartment over an apartment with a home office or guest room. The less square footage you desire, the cheaper your rent can be. A real estate agent can actually assist you in finding unfurnished studios in your area within your budget that can give you the amenities you want such as a pool, exercise room, or gated community.

Be accountable

Apartment rent goes up the less time you commit to your lease. If you are more accountable as a renter, which means you can be relied upon for months or years of steady rent, you can be rewarded with a cheaper monthly fee for your luxury digs. Compare lease agreements with one another to see how much money you can save by doing a year or longer lease compared to a 6-month or even a month-to-month option. You may be very surprised to learn how much you can save, which can lead to being able to afford certain apartment upgrades.

Be less picky about location

A luxury apartment just outside of town is likely to be cheaper than one right in the heart of the city, even if they offer identical amenities. Location is a huge factor in how a luxury apartment is priced, so if you don't mind a little commute to work or can get by with a non-spectacular view, you can make up for these minor losses by being able to afford a more spacious rental or a luxurious suite with its own private balcony.

If you have always dreamed of having a modern luxury apartment to come home to every day, you can achieve this goal even if you don't have a large budget to spend on rent. A real estate agent can help you work out the rental details, such as location, lease agreements, and even amenity upgrades to make you more confident in your new residence.