The Perfect Property

3 Sure-Fire Ways to Make Your Riverdale, NY, Co-Op Stand Out When It Comes Time to Sell

by Zachary Thompson

If you are getting ready to sell your Riverdale co-op, then you need to take a few steps before listing it with an agent. New York City real estate is very competitive. Because your co-op is located in The Bronx, you need to entice prospective buyers from Manhattan, New Jersey, and Manhattan that might not normally look at The Bronx. This can be done if you plan correctly. Focusing on being competitive will also help the ads look more attractive to people who already like Riverdale and will make your particular co-op stand out.

Clean and Redecorate If Necessary

It goes without saying that you should clean your place. You want the co-op apartment to look open and airy. You shouldn't have it filled with books or old copies of the Times stacked on the floor, and you don't want a cluttered work table in the corner. You want everyone who looks at the place to be able to envision what they would do with the space. This is best done if the place is as empty as possible. In most cases you won't be able to completely empty out the room, but you should remove anything that would be viewed as clutter.

You also might want to redecorate. Perhaps you love that old poster of Iron Maiden that you have framed on the wall, but most people aren't going to be fans of heavy-metal artwork featuring a frightening skeleton! Maybe switch out that wall art with something less idiosyncratic, say a nice Matisse print.

Hire Good Real-Estate Photographers

Don't try to use your smartphone to take photos. Also, don't rely on the real-estate agents to take the best photos. Some agents have good cameras, and others have photographers on retainer who shoot apartments all over the city and don't nitpick with beautiful framing and lighting. What you should do is hire a top-notch real-estate photographer and then supply the agents with these photos. Because you're in Riverdale, you should have the photographer take advantage of the gorgeous skyline and your view (the Hudson River or the nearby Van Cortland Park). Remember, you are selling in NYC, where river and green views are highly prized and rare, so if you have a good view, you want to use it in your ad.

Pick the Best Real-Estate Listing Service

You also want to make sure you have a good real-estate listing service. When people search for co-ops in Riverdale, you want your place to show up. You want the service to be easy to navigate and highly visible in search engines. Also, it's best if they can cross market to other agents outside of the immediate area. Finally, you want the listing service to be both concise and attractive. You should be able to use the attractive photos you commissioned and also list the particulars about the co-op as well as some vital statistics about the neighborhood. People who are not as familiar with Riverdale are going to want to know things such as school stats, crime stats, and transportation access. It's helpful if the listing service has space for this sort of information in your listing.

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