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Dealing With A Mouse In The House

by Zachary Thompson

If you have noticed a mouse scooting past your feet or if you had seen mouse droppings in your home, you will most likely want to take action in having it removed. It is likely that there is more than one mouse if you are positive one has already made its way inside. This will make it necessary to take action in doing complete mouse control to have them stopped in their tracks. Here are some ways you can mouse-proof your home and capture those already on the inside so you can enjoy your living space without fear in seeing a rodent again in the future.

Hold A Cleaning Day

Mice enjoy areas that are in disarray or that have readily available food in the vicinity. Take time to thoroughly clean your home to have mice less likely to stick around looking for crumbs to eat. Vacuum all carpets in their entirety and wipe down all countertops. Make sure to keep on top of your efforts by placing all leftovers in sealed containers inside your refrigerator. Remove stacks of paperwork and place them in plastic storage tubs so mice aren't tempted to gnaw on them to use for bedding.

Seal Any Crevices

Walk around your home noting any locations along the exterior where mice may be making their way inside. Any crack or hole should be patched to keep mice on the outside. Use caulk for smaller voids. Cover larger ones with pieces of flashing after filling the void with steel wool. Severely damaged portions of siding should be replaced in their entirety.

Tidy The Outside

To keep mice from coming inside, the outside should be made less enticing for mice to stay in the area. Cover any fountains, bird baths, kiddie pools, and ponds so mice do not have a water source. If there is a wood pile on your property, move it away from the home so mice are not close enough to want to get a look at the home when they get cold or hungry. Keep grass and brush trimmed so predators can take care of mice they see in the vicinity.

Add Some Deterrents

Deterring mice can be done by putting some hunting decoys on your property. Mice will be less likely to stay if they see an owl or hawk looking at them from an above tree branch. Move the decoys often so mice do not become accustomed to their non-moving presence. A cat can also help with mouse control outdoors.

Remove Any Strays

Along with the above steps, removal of mice trapped inside will be necessary. This is often done with the aid of traps. There are a variety of trapping methods including bait, glue, or snapper. A pest control service can also be called in to help remove any stragglers if desired. Click here to read more about pest control options.