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Looking At Apartments? 5 Things To Consider To Move Into A Safe Place

by Zachary Thompson

Apartment hunting and house hunting are very different processes in that one revolves around finding a temporary place to live, while the other involves finding a long-term home. However, in both scenarios, safety deserves to be prioritized. If you have not lived in an area where you felt unsafe before, you may not realize the impact of not feeling comfortable enough to go outside for a walk or come home at night.

Your apartment living experience will be greatly influenced by how safe you feel, so you should take a few safety-related details into consideration when looking at apartments and narrowing down your options.

Newer and Well-Maintained Vehicles

The cars that you see on the street of an apartment and nearby can tell you a lot about the neighborhood. All it takes is basic knowledge of vehicles to know what the newest models look like, and you can use this information to determine the general safety of a given area. It is best to use this as supplemental information as the vehicles alone do not give you a clear enough picture to make a final judgement.

Unit on Second Story or Higher

Naturally, apartments that are located on the first floor experience more crime. It is better to look at units that are located on the second story or higher, mainly because of the reduced crime risk. While it requires a sacrifice in temperature control as the unit will receive more direct sunlight, it is a worthy trade.

Local High-End Businesses

If you are able to drive around the neighborhood and find high-end businesses, you can almost guarantee that the area is safe to a certain extent. Any local business relies on local customers, as well as operating in a location with a low enough crime rate that they are not at risk of going out of business due to theft.

Not Many Vacant Properties

Safe areas are highly desirable because they make people feel comfortable, whether they are leaving at 5 in the morning, coming home at midnight, or walking around the neighborhood in the evening. Finding numerous vacant properties means that the location is not that desirable, and therefore, may not be safe.

People Walking in the Neighborhood

When looking at apartments, you want to keep an eye out for people walking around. The kind of crowd that you see can also give you valuable information on the neighborhood. If you see people walking dogs or jogging with a stroller, this generally means that it is safe enough for them to feel comfortable.

Crime statistics are useful, but you should use your own analysis to determine the true safety of a neighborhood. Implementing these considerations into your search will help you find a safe apartment. 

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