The Perfect Property

Three Overlooked Factors That Can Make A Home Less Appealing To Buyers

by Zachary Thompson

Beautiful landscaping, newly installed windows and included appliances are all great ways to make your home more appealing to buyers. However, they aren't the only factors. The reality is that many buyers can be quite trivial when it comes to what they are looking for. There are a number of seemingly small factors that many sellers overlook that have a negative influence on the overall appeal of their home. Make sure you know what not to overlook.

Unpack Your Closets

Are your clothes and shoes literally stuffed in your closets? If the answer is yes, you can make your home more appealing by unpacking some of your closets. When a potential buyer tours your home, they will open your closets.

If your closet is packed to capacity, it can make the space look smaller than it may actually be, which can cause a buyer to question whether or not their own belongings will fit. This can serve as a downside when it comes to making your home attractive. By decluttering your closet, you can make it appear larger.  

Don't Forget About Smell

Everyone's home has its own aroma. Unfortunately, all of these scents aren't pleasant. More importantly, you probably aren't even aware of the smell. Whenever you have an open house or a buyer touring the home, make sure you are using some type of scent enhancer, such as a plug-in or scented candle.

A foul smell works against you for two reasons. First, it can deter someone from fully touring your home. Secondly, it can lead someone to believe you're a poor housekeeper, even if that's not the case, which can also turn them off.

Brighten Up The Space

If you live in a home with limited natural light, take steps to brighten the space. If your budget allows for it, change the paint color in any darker spaces to a brighter color to serve a light booster. If you have dark furniture, consider adding some bright, colorful accents, such as a rug, throw pillow or wall art to brighten the space.

You can also add a few lamps to the space to brighten it up. Even though the buyer will transform the space into their own, if your space seems depressing, it will simply be unappealing to a number of buyers.

A full-service real estate agent can keep you from overlooking these minor details, in order to make your home more appealing, which can ultimately make it sell faster.